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Gustavo Larach J. glarach at
Thu Apr 16 18:31:13 EDT 2009


I do use Pidgin within my Corporate Sametime IM system. The corporate system is closed, so i can only access IMs when on my PC at the office or VPN. So, i have no way to check if someone has sent me an IM when i leave my PC running but either went outside the office, or in a meeting room, etc.

Is there a way to set up Pidgin so it notifies me i have received an IM (when i'm not in front of my PC) through either
Email me a notification?SMS my mobile?transfer the IM message into a "public" IM network such as Yahoo Messenger, so i can see it from the Yahoo client on my phone?
If not available this woudl be a killer application for me...



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