Logo licensing question

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Mon Apr 20 02:53:14 EDT 2009

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 5:51 PM, Richard Laager <rlaager at wiktel.com> wrote:
> If we assume the logo is "GPLv2 or later" (as with our source code), I
> don't think it can be used in a CC BY SA 3.0 derivative work. If you
> want to pursue that, the IM Freedom corporation (which I believe is the
> copyright holder of the logo) would have to dual-license it.

Hmm, does that apply if he's not using the original image, but rather
one created from scratch?

> How do the other developers (and more specifically, the IMF board
> members) feel about CC BY SA 3.0 for the logo and/or other artwork?

In any case, I feel like this is a use case that should be allowed.  I
think it makes sense for the name "Pidgin" and the bird logo and the
apostrophe-styled "Pidgin" text to be used in publications and
marketing material as long as they're used to reference our project.
So you couldn't use the bird logo for your own creation "Pigeon Cola,"
but you could use it when writing a review of our software.

In this specific case my vote would be that as long as the image used
in the game looks similar enough to our version of the bird logo then
I think the usage should be allowed.  And I guess we might need to
figure out if that means we need to dual-license it.


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