Pidgin 2.5.1 Issues

Daniel Atallah datallah at
Tue Apr 21 08:45:46 EDT 2009

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 1:54 AM, Matthew Latham <M.Latham at> wrote:
> 1)      I have set up an XMPP Jabber account.  I can see & communicate with
> buddies that have Jabber accounts, but not members with accounts using other
> protocols, eg MSN.  Do I need to set up and enable an account for each
> protocol so that I can see all users, eg XMPP, MSN, Yahoo etc?

Yes, you will need to have an account for each protocol you want to use.

> 2)      I can see buddies online, but I appear offline to them.  To clear
> the problem I re-request authorization.   However, this only clears the
> problem momentarily – I then go back to appearing offline in their buddy
> list.

This sounds like something weird is going on with your buddy roster.
Please get a debug log from when your XMPP account is signing on (see  and file a ticket.


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