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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Apr 29 08:58:56 EDT 2009

Paul Archambault wrote:
> You're missing the point.
> I didn't say his answer was unreasonable, I said telling someone that
> their question is unreasonable was not the best choice of language to
> open a dialogue with.
> Paul.

Except that the question as posed *was* unreasonable.  The original question was
seeking a yes or no answer, which is overly simplistic when anything relating to
helth care or banking regulations is involved.  A more reasonable question would
have been "Is a default Pidgin configuration compliant with the regulations
resulting from HIPAA?  If not, what would we need to do to make it compliant?"
(which, for the record, we still would not have been able to answer).

Realistically, a question such as what was originally posed would be better to
ask of an independent auditor specializing in HIPAA compliance testing and
auditing.  A followup with legal counsel would likely have been an excellent
course of action as well.  (Examiners *love* the CYA approach.)  As an open
source development team, we're not equipped to discuss regulatory compliance.


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