Betty Bramblett brambos1 at
Sun Dec 13 16:47:11 EST 2009

I just got my invite welcome from Quicktate.


It said to download Pidgin.  I was in IE7 and did so.  It never asked me nor
showed me where to put the info as 1) protocol, Domain, Resource, etc., but
I stumbled along and got the Friends QT added and received acceptance from a
couple.  Now I am trying to get it into Firefox as QT says they prefer this
to IE.  Pidgin will download a blank Buddy Box and no options to add any
friends or check for the status mentioned above.


This is so confusing .


I understand this is how I get files to download and type for them.  It
isn't working for me and is getting me totally confused since I also have
YIM, AIM, with a couple of email addr attached to them!


Isn't there a simpler way to get this thing working for me so I can just try
to remember the guidelines for QT and not all the extra thingys??


HELP please - I will be most grateful.


TIA, Betty


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