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David Woolley forums at
Fri Dec 4 02:33:08 EST 2009

Jill Letitia Matthews wrote:
> I need to send a message to all the users (within my company and office)
> that are logged on to Pidgin at a certain time.   I would like to let
> everyone know something and I figured if there was a way to send a message
> to "all" of them that are using Pidgin at that time, it would be very
> helpful and save time.

You can't restrict it to people using Pidgin, although it may well be 
the case that all your workmates are using Pidgin.

More generally, is there any way that the documentation can be improved 
to make it clear that Pidgin is a client, and instant messaging is 
provided by unconnected services.  I think this issue was also hinted at 
in the "documentation starts at G" thread.

There seem to be a number of organisations that insist on the use of 
Pidgin, but either fail to provide support for it, or fail to inform 
workers from where they should get support.  Quicktate (not involved in 
this case) appears to be one of those.  This tends to compound the 
confusion between Pidgin and some, possibly locally operated, instant 
messaging service.
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