Buddy list messed up

Михаил Лукин mihail.lukin at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 6 14:01:00 EST 2009


I have two pidgin installations - work (2.5, openSuSE) and home (2.6,
Ubuntu). My jabber contact list is just few contacts but ICQ contact list is
really large. So, I've decided to do some renaming/regrouping while used
2.5. When I came to 2.6 I noticed that much of my ICQ contacts was messed:
numbers-nicknames relation was totally broken. I've tried to fix it, but in
2.5 things got worse. Deleted contacts was still there, numbers-nicknames
were broken again.

I'm here to ask for help.

   1. I do not want Pidgin to store nicknames in blist.xml (at least for
   2. Is there a tool (not in Pidgin maybe) to fix my ICQ contact list. I
   searched python ICQ backend to write a script, but no success.

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