First time ive been stumped using pidgin

David Beams davidbeams2006 at
Sun Dec 6 13:27:38 EST 2009

I have just recently changed from windows xp to windows 7....i promised myself i wouldnt change till windows xp died or got reall slow and it finally did... Anyway i changed from windows xp sp3 32bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and i just installed pidgin...not a problem except for the dictionary and aspell which i installed after the fact but i try to access my yahoo account and i get an error which is exactly this 

"Unable to connect: Unable to create socket: Windows socket error #10106"

Is this a similar error to the one i saw in the faq area that was error #10006 and something to do with a firewall or something?

Cause i just recently turned uap off or whatever it is and windows firewall.. because i am about to instal comodo I like it better.

Anyway i am stumped an error number that says socket error 10106 i cannot imaging what that means my self....

Thanks for your time
David Beams..

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