Backup question

Programmer In Training pit at
Wed Dec 9 18:43:35 EST 2009

Eric Bernier wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your time.
> I want to reinstall Ubuntu because he's really slow by now.  I try to find
> the .purple directory or the file you say but after severall minutes trying
> to find it...  nothing.
> Where are these files or folder?
> 1- They are on MY computer?
> 2- They are in "Systeme de fichiers"...  maybe "system files" in English?
> 3- They are in "bin, dev, home, lib, opt, proc, root, sys, usr, var, ..."?
> 4- They'll give me information or I copy and paste after that I had
> reinstalled everything?
> Thanks again for your time!
> Eric

C:\Documents and Settings\username-here\Application Data\.purple

That's on Win XP, YMMV on other versions of Windoze.

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