Backup question

Programmer In Training pit at
Wed Dec 9 23:23:11 EST 2009

John W. Moore III wrote:
> Programmer In Training wrote:
>> Again, you running (or wanting to run, I'm not sure where you are at on
>> that, nor do I care (not to be crass, but I'm trying to help you with
>> Pidgin)) Ubuntu or not is not relevant to this list. I'm trying to be
>> patient and helpful, but I think there is a language barrier preventing
>> that.
> Doesn't bother Me to sound crass.  :)  He has mentioned many times that
> He's running Ubuntu and will reinstall Ubuntu.  He *never* mentioned
> Windows. <SIGH>  Ubuntu is Linux.

I heard he was installing (then reinstalling, then installing) Ubuntu, 
so forgive me for not being on the boat that he is using Ubuntu.

> Offering Windows assistance to a Linux User is about as helpful as
> offering a can of Diesel fuel to a motorist who has run out of gas.  :-\

This is true, and my apologies to him and the rest of the list. It 
sounded like to me that he was wanting to install (or having used it 
before, reinstall) Ubuntu on a slow running computer. I hope I can be 
forgiven for thinking he was running Windoze.

> S/He needs to login as Root and then locate ~/.purple  [~ = Home]

I'm fairly certain Bernie is a he. And he doesn't need to be root to get 
into ~/.purple (unless he's running Pidgin as root, which is just 
silly). I'm very familiar with Linux myself (I've used RH6.2-8, Debian 
and Gentoo), having about a decade of experience with the OS (giving my 
experience with Linux to certify that I do know what I'm talking about).

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