I am installing Pidgin in Firefox. ????

Betty Bramblett brambos1 at live.com
Sun Dec 13 16:14:59 EST 2009

I had installed it in IE so I wouldn't miss a contact from you.


I have now logged off IE Pidgin and logged into Firefox Pidgin yet no
contacts are showing that I had entered prior.  Suggestions?


I was also never asked to enter the info domain, etc, that was in your


Betty Bramblett


Brambos in YIM, Password bb1237

Brambos in Pidgin, asked for password brambos, but think it took bb1237


Have not found answers to my questions in faqs and will ask others who work
for you typing.


The good news is I was able to get into the site for QT!  Thanks!


TIA, Betty

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