I am installing Pidgin in Firefox. ????

Brian Morrison bdm at fenrir.org.uk
Mon Dec 14 13:34:30 EST 2009

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 09:54:59 -0800
Paul Aurich <darkrain42 at pidgin.im> wrote:

> And Brian Morrison spoke on 12/13/2009 11:59 PM, saying:
> > On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 21:49:04 -0600
> > Richard Laager <rlaager at wiktel.com> wrote:
> > 
> >> Also, you provided what you're claiming are passwords to a PUBLIC
> > 
> > You know, there really needs to be a clearer indication that mailing 
> > support at pidgin.im sends mail to a public list with many hundreds or
> > thousands of subscribers.
> > 
> This has been discussed before and changes were made to just about all the
> places where one could find the mailing list address.

OK, I will admit I had not looked, because I know this sort of thing
already. But many recent Pidgin users apparently don't.

> If there's any way you think it could be clearer, please provide SPECIFIC
> suggestions, instead of a vague "It should be made clearer".

OK, well my specific suggestion would be to put capitalized text in the
description of the support list address stating not to post user IDs or
passwords in any mail sent to that address.

I see it already shows in bold text that it is a *public* mailing list,
I can confidently say that I have spoken to many people who do not know
what that means without it being explained to them, so perhaps a short
sentence saying that any message they send to it is read by a large
number of people and that IM user IDs and passwords MUST not be sent to
the list.

Is that clear enough?


Brian Morrison

                "I am not young enough to know everything"
                                                          Oscar Wilde

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