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Thu Dec 17 16:59:09 EST 2009

Richard Laager wrote:

> I Google'd "Quicktate" and claims to be a "service which
> transcribes your voicemails and personal notes...and delivers them to
> you via email, text message, or [their] iPhone-compatible web widget".

We've had Quicktate contractors before.  It does look like Quicktate use 
Pidgin as an essential part of their operations.  I think they 
originally used Yahoo, with the Yahoo client, then moved to operating 
their own IM server and Pidgin.

The impression I get is that they use people, who are unable to enter 
the mainstream labour market (e.g. single mothers, or the disabled) 
working from home.  The people have to be literate in natural languages, 
but tend not to be computer literate, and I get the impression that 
Quicktate supply very little support, possibly because they are in a 
buyer's market for labour.

David Woolley
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