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El día lunes, diciembre 28, 2009 a las 08:49:49 +0100, Mario Pavesi escribió:

> I own an Asus EeePC 2G Surf (Linux) which had Pidgin already installed when I bought it. I have been very happy with Pidgin so far, but now I cannot use it any more due to compatibility problems with Yahoo and Hotmail. I understand there is a new version of Pidgin that takes care of those problems, but on the Add/RemoveSoftware page of the EeePC there are no more updates (it is totally blank). I tried entering Terminal mode ad inputting the PPA setup as explained on but the (second?) command seems not to be recognized, and anyway, the situation on the Add/RemoveSoftware page does not change. By the way, I know NOTHING of Linux...
> Can anybody give me a hand? Or can anybody (in Italy) do the job for me? My only alternative would be a shameful one - get rid of the Linux EeePC and buy a Windows laptop.


You don't need to buy a crappy Windows for your Asus; you might just
install, for example, a FreeBSD 8-CURRENT on your Asus (as I run on my
EeePC 900) for months, and with a very recent Pidgin (2.6.2).
If you are interested in installing FreeBSD on your Asus you may
find the details here:


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