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> On 12/29/2009 11:13 AM, Brian Morrison wrote:
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>>> Why does it take so long for pidgin to start up?  Takes like 15-20 secs ...
>> Why do you think that 15-20 seconds is a long time? Seems like very
>> little time to me for a complex application to load and initialise.
> Well, Pidgin loads even quicker then that for me and I have several
> plugins installed. Pidgin isn't that complex, though. OOo takes 15-30
> seconds to load for me and that's way more complex then Pidgin will ever
> dream of being (I hope).

What evidence do you have that it is Pidgin that is slow and not
something in the network?  OpenOffice is really not a good application
to compare Pidgin with.  With network applications there are lots of
steps in making a network connection that can cause the application to
stall and wait.  How many network connections are you making?  How
solid is your DNS?  Is your ISP clueless about routing?  Etc.

In the end though, if it is only slow on start up, then why do you
care?  For me pidgin starts up automatically as part of my login
process, connects to 5 IM servers and is up for 10-12 hours.  Spending
an extra 10 seconds at start up is really not worth worrying about.


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