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On 12/29/2009 10:22 PM, Bill MacAllister wrote:
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>> On 12/29/2009 11:13 AM, Brian Morrison wrote:
>>> On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 08:47:17 -0600
>>> "Mestl, Robert R" <RRMestl at> wrote:
>>>> Why does it take so long for pidgin to start up?  Takes like 15-20
>>>> secs ...
>>> Why do you think that 15-20 seconds is a long time? Seems like very
>>> little time to me for a complex application to load and initialise.
>> Well, Pidgin loads even quicker then that for me and I have several
>> plugins installed. Pidgin isn't that complex, though. OOo takes 15-30
>> seconds to load for me and that's way more complex then Pidgin will ever
>> dream of being (I hope).
> What evidence do you have that it is Pidgin that is slow and not
> something in the network?  OpenOffice is really not a good application
> to compare Pidgin with.  With network applications there are lots of
> steps in making a network connection that can cause the application to
> stall and wait.  How many network connections are you making?  How
> solid is your DNS?  Is your ISP clueless about routing?  Etc.

Good points, but I connect to about 10 accounts, via an anonymous proxy
relay service (SOCKS5) for all but one and it still loads up quicker
then for the OP (and I load it up via a batch file that enables a
debugging log). Connecting, though, is a different story though and I
don't count that as part of load up time. I consider load up time from
the time I click on the quick launch icon to the time I see my buddy
list window.

> In the end though, if it is only slow on start up, then why do you
> care?  For me pidgin starts up automatically as part of my login
> process, connects to 5 IM servers and is up for 10-12 hours.  Spending
> an extra 10 seconds at start up is really not worth worrying about.
> Bill

Another salient point.

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