Entering Chinese text in Pidgin

Lee Kohl leekohlbradley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 10:21:42 EST 2009


I have a strange problem. I just started using Pidgin today and loved it
until I tried typing Chinese. My setup:

Win XP
Pidgin 2.6.4
Sogou Pinyin (Chinese entry tool I use daily)

Is there something special about the text entry area on the conversation
window that would make it seem like no text was being entered somehow?
Because when I type Chinese, the IME character entry software cannot tell
where my cursor is entering text, so it doesn't know where to place the box
which lets the user choose what Chinese characters to input.

Normally the box I'm mentioning appears just below the place you're typing,
so you can see it easily. In Pidgin, it appears far away at the bottom of
the screen, and in my case, obscured by something else (objectdock).

This must be pretty confusing so I'm gonna include some links to
screenshots: (Don't read the text, it's not up to date wrt the screenshot)

The green box is the box which shows which characters are available based on
what you've typed... you type something, choose the characters, type
something, choose the characters, that's how it works. In this shot, the box
is near the point at which text is being entered--the correct spot.

The second link shows how in Pidgin, the box has dropped to the default
location at the bottom of the screen. The IME software does this when it
doesn't know where text is being entered. It seems pretty ok in the picture,
but actually that is the exact spot where Objectdock sits and the IME falls
behind the always-on-top dock.

Now that I've talked your ear off... any ideas?

Thanks a million! Save me from MSN which was eating 150+MB... :)

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