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Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Thu Dec 31 00:13:32 EST 2009

And Kendra McEvoy spoke on 12/30/2009 04:07 PM, saying:
> I have a friend that has used Pidgin (briefly) for her chats but has
> been having some hard times with people associated with Facebook and has
> been avoiding Facebook because of it. She says that while she has
> herself listed as offline for the chat, her FB friends who use Pidgin
> can still see her listed as being online.
> Aside from getting another FB account, which I don't recommend she do,
> is there a way she can hide herself from those using Pidgin while on FB
> or IM?
> KM

The facebook plugin is a third-party plugin and we don't support it.

You should ask its developers at


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