Problem with MusicTracker 0.4.13 on Pidgin 2.5.3

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Jan 1 12:59:01 EST 2009

sanket agarwal wrote:
> Well suppose u change the status message and the receiver has a specific
> signal handle which gives the status update. There's no way you can
> avoid that!!
> Hope you got my point, newayz this is not a problem Pidgin clients, but
> i have seen that thingy in gtalk clients.
> Sanket

The very fact that MusicTracker changes a status message, instead of using the
proper status attribute for XMPP and MSN, indicates to me either a serious
design flaw or intentional misbehavior.  As I said, we don't support plugins we
didn't write and don't use ourselves, which means this isn't our problem.


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