Use libpurple.dll in windows development.

Phil Hannent phil at
Fri Jan 2 01:32:30 EST 2009

Tigran Martirosyan wrote:
> Hi All.
> First of all Happy New Year.
> Now about some problems: ing continnuously the
> I try to create IM multi protocol messaging website (some kind of meebo)
> created completely under .NET platform. So my tools are: Windows Vista
> Ultimate, .NET 3.5, VS.NET 2008. After navigating in the internet ,
> searching about free (open source )multiportocol IM library found Pidgin.
> But wouldn't be able to found some windows solution for the communication
> layer implementation, in particular libpurple.dll that I found (first just
> from setup of the Pidgin, and after from other sources cusotm builds for
> Windows), by the way I'm not able to load DLL in library, getting contiously
> DllNotFoundException. Actually the path is correct, but the problem is in
> depedences of this library, I guess. I found them using DependecyWalker .
> LIBGOBJECT-2.0-0.DLL, LIBGTHREAD-2.0-0.DLL, ZLIB1.DLL. But after the putting
> the binaries in the same directory , by the way the problem is yet there. I
> saw post about building the libpurple under the windows the  VS 2008
> express. My question is: is there is any solution for windows development
> avoiding the need of the building original C sources ? I mean some kind
> pack of the precompiled binaries .
> Thank you.

The DLL is not usable in the way you are trying to use it.  There have
been several attempts over the years but none have passed code changes

The current best plan would be to create a .NET/mono wrapper for the
DLL, however this would require some work on a new developer as the
existing developers see little need for it right now.

Also I might suggest that you are bitting off more than you can chew by
trying to recreate meebo on Windows Vista. 

Perhaps contributing to an open source project will give you some sense
of scale of the task you are attempting ;-)

Phil Hannent

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