Error using Pidgin

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Jan 5 12:33:04 EST 2009

Shrikant Nigam wrote:
> Thanks John, it worked.
> But I had a doubt, I use gaim for gtalk and it works fine. Couldnt it be
> that
> pidgin was looking for gnutls and nss in some other folder and so
> couldnt find it.
> because gaim works fine.
> So if I am installing them where should I or is there any option to provide
> path to pidgin while installing it ?

I would expect in this scenario that you did not compile the old version and
instead installed it from a package.  This is where the problem comes in--in
order to *build* Pidgin with the necessary SSL support, you have to have the
development package installed for either GNUTLS or Mozilla NSS.  You can, of
course, specify where the headers and such are when running configure, but they
have to exist on the system.


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