Some problems with MSN connection

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Jan 5 12:40:31 EST 2009

Fernando Pina no SAPO wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I have experimented some problems with connection to MSN service since
> last 10 or eleven months. Several times i receive the information (sorry
> because the idioma, i have the Pidgin configured to use the Portuguese
> Idioma):
> "A mensagem não pôde ser enviada porque ocorreu um erro com o switchboard:" 
> Other times, a lot of them, i receive the following message: "A mensagem
> pode não ter sido enviada porque o tempo expirou:"
> I am using the 2.5.3 version of Pidgin.
> So, is it a problem that happens only with me?
> Thanks for any advice to help me solving this problem . . . I can’t
> communicate with my friends . . Best regards and a happy new year.
> Fernando Pina

I'm going to assume that the two messages you pasted would translate
approximately to "A message could not be sent because an error with the
switchboard occured" and "Message may not have been sent because a timeout
occurred," which are fairly standard error messages in the MSN protocol.  I know
very little about the MSN protocol; this message should have gone to
support at for assistance.  I'm sending it there for those more familiar
with the MSN protocol to answer.


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