Possible to change charset in finch?

Dave Wood dave at unrealize.co.uk
Mon Jan 5 17:27:21 EST 2009

On (16:40 04/01/09), John Bailey <rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org> put forth the proposition:
>Dave Wood wrote:
>> I am still plagued by ?'s instead of some characters. Is it possible to
>> select different character sets like cp1252 etc?
>> Cheers and a happy new year.
>No; Finch requires a properly configured terminal capable of supporting UTF-8 if
>it is built with libncursesw.  You may be able to get around this by rebuilding
>Finch to link with libncurses instead.

Ok I'll look into that. Thanks.

I'm using a utf-8 linux console (set in lilo) and my TERM=xterm-xfree86 as
I find this a bit friendlier with other programs like screen, vim etc. I'm
using a latin font - lat9w-16.psfu.gz - but I find various fonts
better/worse support for unusual characters. Cybercafe font seems to have
the correct symbols for finch, but it's very hard on the eyes to read.

I've found with elinks I can play about with character sets and show
characters that are often shown as '?'.



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