MSN 'unable to retrieve MSN Address Book'

Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Jan 12 06:03:43 EST 2009

turgut kalfaoglu wrote:
> Since this started on a Monday, I  bet some big wig at M$ has decided 
> "let's get rid of the non-MSN clients so they are forced to use Windows, 
> start it on next monday."  Oops, my hatred is showing.
My brother just emailed me the log from the debug window (under "Help" menu), I
will give 10 points to whoever can spot the problem:

(10:48:39) *soap:* current HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

The official client might work because it falls back to an older protocol (which
msn-pecan uses I believe).

Phil Hannent

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