All of my Contacts are gone

Phil Gunnewiek phil at
Mon Jan 12 13:10:12 EST 2009

So, I was experiencing the pidgin issues so I installed the plugin that lets
you use the WLM protocol instead of the msn one.

Anyways, I started up pidgin, and all my contacts were in two groups. 1 was
the one with all my alias applied, and one had all my contacts without
aliases (they both had all of the same contacts). I dragged all the contacts
from group with no aliases to the group with aliases and the group
disappeared. I was happy and everything seemed normal.

I later restarted pidgin, and all my contacts were gone. The group they were
all in is gone as well.

I go to windows live messenger and all my contacts were there for a sec, but
then they vanished.

How can I get them all back? (using the windows version atm.)
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