Help with conversation window resize

Justin phinnvr6 at
Tue Jan 13 16:16:43 EST 2009

Please help, I have searched google and read your FAQ...

I newly installed Pidgin 2.5.4 in Windows XP and whenever I open a
conversation window the text entry area is extremely small until I
start typing.

It does not do this in Linux nor does it do it on my friends computer.
It's really irritating because I'm the type of person who likes it the
exact size I want it all the time.  I had, up until now, gaim 1.5 on
my windows machine but decided impulsively to upgrade.

My question (if this is not a bug) is how do I set it so it doesn't
keep resizing the entry area?  I can't find it anywhere and even
checked the plugins several times.


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