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Phil Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 04:59:58 EST 2009

Troy Dowling wrote:
> I wasn't aware that I was removing the mail from the list.. I am new to
> mailing lists so I apologize in advance if I did so without knowing. Am
> I able to delete messages from my personal mailbox? Also, the pidgin
> debug output is very long so if there is a particular part that you need
> I could just send that, otherwise I'll post it in its entirety. (I
> didn't read your last message correctly the first time and took the
> output of "pidgin --debug" but it doesn't look like it differs from the
> Debug Window)
OK, when replying on an email list you have to "Reply to all" and preferably
remove personal email addresses, unless they are not on the email list.

Also top posting in emails is considered bad.  I do not naturally read in a
jumbled fashion and its nicer to reply just after what someone has written.  It
helps with keeping things in context.

Also using paragraphs helps people to reply to specific questions or statements
one at a time and in context.

You are able to delete from your personal mailbox, I notice that in the toolbar
of evolution (the email client I assume you are using) that there is a big
delete icon:

Although this is off topic for a support list for Pidgin instant messenger, a
question like this is best directed at either your local support or your
software distribution.

The debug output might be long, there is a filter so that you could limit it to
just MSN or you could disable all other accounts and just try to connect with
the failing MSN account.

Once you have a debug output try creating a ticket and uploading it there:

Phil Hannent

> Thanks again,
> Troy.
> On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 14:50 +0000, Phil Hannent wrote:
>> Please keep these messages on the list, I do not know everything and others
>> might be able to help.
>> ORBit is the old Interprocess communication system which I think D-bus is
>> superseding.  It might be the cause or it might be a red herring, what does the
>> output of the debug window say?  You can access the debug window from the Help menu.
>> Regards
>> Phil Hannent
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>> Subject: 	Re: Pidgin will not start correctly, nor load contacts
>> Date: 	Tue, 13 Jan 2009 06:45:45 -0800
>> From: 	Troy Dowling <troydowling at shaw.ca <mailto:troydowling at shaw.ca>>
>> To: 	Phil Hannent <phil at hannent.co.uk <mailto:phil at hannent.co.uk>>
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>> <496C58A9.1090608 at hannent.co.uk <mailto:496C58A9.1090608 at hannent.co.uk>>
>> Sorry for the double reply,
>>     But I just remembered that I forgot to include an error message I
>> thought would be important. When I start Pidgin from the terminal
>> without any flags, I randomly (it seems) get this error:
>> "Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that
>> you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS
>> locks due to a system crash. (Details - 1: Failed to get connection to
>> session: Failed to execute DBus-launch to auto launch dbus session)"
>>     Running dbus-launch doesn't give me any errors as far as I can tell
>> though. I have no idea what 'ORBit' is either.. I hope this helps.
>> Troy.
>> On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 09:02 +0000, Phil Hannent wrote:
>> > Troy Dowling wrote:
>> > > (20:34:40) soap: ignoring malformed line: P3P:CP="BUS CUR CONo FIN IVDo
>> > > 
>> > > And the very last line is this:
>> > > 
>> > > dns[27411]: nobody needs me... =(
>> > > 
>> > > I don't understand what the problem is and I've been forced to use aMSN
>> > > or Kopete since Pidgin doesn't work... I would really love some help.
>> > There was a server issue with MSN on Monday.  People have reported that the
>> > issue has been resolved, do you still have a problem?
>> >
>> > Other clients worked because they used an older protocol.
>> >
>> > Regards
>> > Phil Hannent
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