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Marcel Schulte schulte.marcel at
Thu Jan 15 08:51:18 EST 2009


First, sorry if my questions has been asked in former times but it's
difficult to search the list archive.

Think of the following scenario:

- buddy in pidgin buddy list with multiple accounts (perhaps at different
- accounts grouped together to get only one entry in buddy list
- want to send IM message to buddy and buddy is offline
- buddy entry doubleclicked results in IM message to buddy's first account

...but what if I want to send the IM to all accounts because I don't know to
which account the buddy will login next time? Currently I think I've to send
the same message to each account seperately.

Clear what I mean?

Is it possible to send the message to all the buddy's account at once? Maybe
I simply don't know how or which plugin to use.

If that's not currently possible, where should I post this as feature

Many thanks in advance!

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