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Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Tue Jan 20 21:00:22 EST 2009

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What exactly does this password box say? This sounds like a password 
for one of your IM accounts, not Pidgin.

At 05:40 PM 1/20/2009, you wrote:
>When I log into Pidgin I need to enter a password like you would 
>with an AIM account.
>I jdon't remember the password I had used.
>On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 7:43 PM, Evan Platt 
><<mailto:evan at espphotography.com>evan at espphotography.com> wrote:
>I for one have never seen a password in Pidgin.... So what exactly
>are you talking about?
>At 04:38 PM 1/20/2009, you wrote:
> >Hello.
> >For a few years I have been a satisfied user of Pidgin and have had
> >no complaints.
> >Recently, my computer was ghosted, and in the process, my password was
> >erased. I have tried a number of different passwords but have had no
> >success in
> >finding the correct one. I have tried many password recovery tools,
> >but none have
> >worked, and the Pidgin password recovery will not take my e-mail
> >address. I just
> >want to have my Pidgin account again. Please help!
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