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Gar Nelson Gar.Nelson at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 21 17:11:16 EST 2009

Pidgin does not encrypt passwords (unfortunately), rather it stores them
in plain text.  If you had Pidgin save your password for you, it's
listed out in the open in your Pidgin configuration file.  On my linux
system, it is in (my home directory)/.purple/accounts.xml 

I'm not sure where you'll find accounts.xml on your particular operating
system. Enable seeing hidden files, and look for a 'purple' directory.


Michelle Kukla wrote:
> Hello.
> For a few years I have been a satisfied user of Pidgin and have had no
> complaints.
> Recently, my computer was ghosted, and in the process, my password was
> erased. I have tried a number of different passwords but have had no
> success in
> finding the correct one. I have tried many password recovery tools,
> but none have
> worked, and the Pidgin password recovery will not take my e-mail
> address. I just
> want to have my Pidgin account again. Please help!
> Thank you
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