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Gar Nelson Gar.Nelson at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 21 18:07:05 EST 2009

Daniel Atallah wrote:
> 2009/1/21 Gar Nelson <Gar.Nelson at noaa.gov>:
>> Pidgin does not encrypt passwords (unfortunately), rather it stores them
>> in plain text.  If you had Pidgin save your password for you, it's
>> listed out in the open in your Pidgin configuration file.  On my linux
>> system, it is in (my home directory)/.purple/accounts.xml
> http://d.pidgin.im/wiki/PlainTextPasswords
That's a great explaination. Thanks.
>> I'm not sure where you'll find accounts.xml on your particular operating
>> system. Enable seeing hidden files, and look for a 'purple' directory.
> The FAQ (http://d.pidgin.im/wiki/FAQ) explains where to find accounts.xml.
So, if Michelle is using windows, she ought to look here:
and if she's using some linux system, it will be in .purple under her
home directory (as I mentioned above.)

Too bad she didn't mention which operating system she's using when she
runs Pidgin.


>> Michelle Kukla wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> For a few years I have been a satisfied user of Pidgin and have had no
>>> complaints.
>>> Recently, my computer was ghosted, and in the process, my password was
>>> erased. I have tried a number of different passwords but have had no
>>> success in
>>> finding the correct one. I have tried many password recovery tools,
>>> but none have
>>> worked, and the Pidgin password recovery will not take my e-mail
>>> address. I just
>>> want to have my Pidgin account again. Please help!
>>> Thank you
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