How to find out, whether the interlocutor "has blocked" me or actually is in offline? (Google)

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Tue Jan 27 13:11:30 EST 2009


However about 2 hours ago I find a way for check a status definition
Unfortunately, not by means of Pidgin.
At once I will make a say that is tested only for Google IM.
Whether it will work for other services IM (ICQ, AIM), I do not know.
PSI, one of numerous clients IM (and one of the best like a Pidgin), allows
to make it.
If the investigated user is really offline, at attempt to refresh it vCard
simply will occur nothing.
However if this user has blocked you, at attempt to refresh vCard there will
be a message
It is impossible to receive the information on this contact.
The reason: Service unavailable.
The server or recipient does not currently provide the requested service

Never say never again

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2009/1/27 Evan Platt <evan at>

> Assuming "the interlocutor" is a user, no, you cannot find out if
> they're actually offline or have you blocked.
> There may be websites that show their status (ie the yahoo profiles
> page shows if a user is offline or online) but these likely aren't
> accurate, and can sometimes be hours old, or even worse.
> At 03:18 PM 1/26/2009, you wrote:
> >How to find out, whether the interlocutor "has blocked" me or
> >actually is in offline? (Google)
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