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Thu Oct 1 00:45:34 EDT 2009

Hi All,
I have been waiting for a response to this from someone who know the pidgin
in and out.
may be my question is not clear.
lets think like this.
there is a tick boxes in Account->Manage Account window to disconnect pidgin
now i need to perform the same functionality inside from the program.
So what are the relevant methods to do this. Program structure of my  plugin
follows almost same program structure of Bonjour protocol implemented.


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Date: Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 11:01 AM
Subject: pidgin crashes when account disconnected internally
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I have developed a pidgin plugin that works almost like Bonjour.
In my program I need to disconnect an account calling relevant methods
internally. i.e not by clicking the tick boxes given in the GUI.
What I have done so far in the program is that at the point where I want to
disconnect the account I have called the following methods.
Although it disconnects the account it also leads some problems such as
1) tick box remain ticked when next time I open Account->Manage Account
2)Occasionally pidgin crashes.


          // some code

        connection = NULL;

what has gone wrong with this sequence ?

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