pidgin development support - what method is called initially when account disconnect tick box is unticked

evanescent coolnuwan at
Thu Oct 1 05:48:13 EDT 2009

I am trying to implement a plugin for pidgin.
So here I am asking help with pidgin source code.
As I am not familiar with C language I could not find what I wanted even I
had a try.

Could somebody please tell me what method is called when untick  enabled
tick box in pidgin.
you may find the tick box at along the menus Account-> Manage Account.
i.e the tick box is that we use to connect and disconnect accounts.
I know that when we tick/untick it the call comes to <protocol>_close method
in protocol implementation class.
what i need is what is method initially called when untick befor it comes to
this close method.

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