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On Thu, 1 Oct 2009, Alicia Moore wrote:

> I have a business that uses Pidgin every day. The last 2 days it has been logging all 3 locations off around 9:00 P.M. I have restarted all the computers
> and it will not re-connect. Help! I need it to ensure a smooth operation of the business. Also, when I got to the bottom of the buddy list and hit
> "Available" it just tells me it is "connecting". How do I get back online?

Pidgin is just a program, and neither the developers nor this list 
maintain or run most of the public networks that pidgin connects to.

Put another way, would you have had the same problem with an "official" 

I personally have been noticing issues with the AOL network last night, 
but asking this question without providing context (i.e. what service are 
you using) and what time zone (I will assume PST) makes the issue a little 
harder to work with.

Ultimately in these cases, you're at the mercy of the network provider, 
and with networks like AIM, you get what you pay for :)



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