Boetie Meintjies jpm at
Sat Oct 10 01:42:50 EDT 2009

Hi Pidgin Team my name is Mr Boetie Meintjies my Pidgin MXit 2.6.2 version
on my PC it work o.k but  if there come some one on MXit  there appear every
time a bar it is called Buddy Ticker I don't want it there how can I take it
away I install Pigin version 2.6.2 on my Wife PC and there come now Buddy
Ticker bar on her PC is there a setting to remove it hope you understand
what I mean  Buddy Ticker bar it run on top of your screen from right to
left I don't' want it try to find it where I can tick it to go away with no
success  hope to hear from you soon thanks a lot 

Is there a Site to download more themes an back ground's for the version
Pidgin 2.6.2

Best Regards Mr JP Meintjies South Africa 
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