Notification for chat rooms

Robert Schneider robert.schneider at
Wed Oct 14 05:11:02 EDT 2009


We are using jabber within our company. We have our own openfire server.

it seems to me that it is not possible to get notifications when people 
write into a chat room. We have a single chat room where everybody is 
present. The chat room is persistent in the buddy list. Now, if the 
window of the chat room is closed the only hint that I get when someone 
has written anything is that the font of the buddy entry gets bold. A 
hint that is quite useless.

I tried Guification but it seems to me that it is only applied for 
normal buddys, not for chats. Those small pop-ups of Guification would 
be what I would like to have - with a content that shows the name and 
the message.

How can I get this working? Can anyone help me with this?

I need a solution for both Linux and Windows machines.

Thank you,

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