Someone in my chat not my buddy?

Katrina Cooper k.m.cooper at
Sun Oct 18 10:22:05 EDT 2009

Hi list folks,
I'm still trying to set up a chat with my family. Got the other issue 
sorted out without any list responses... guess it must have been a 
complicated question! Now every time I open the chat, though, it says 
that I entered the room and that Petey Ruga also did so. I do not know 
anyone by this name but a search seems to indicate this is some sort of 
performing artist... anyway, I do not want strangers in my private 
three-way discussions with my father and aunt. The person does not 
respond to anything I type in so I cannot decide if this is someone not 
actually there or someone just not answering me, but I must say this has 
undermined my confidence in the privacy of Pidgin. This person does NOT 
appear on my buddy list and thus cannot be manually removed. There is a 
link to "view web profile" at which link I am requested to log into some 
sort of AIM web page, but I have no intention of doing so. Ah, an dnow I 
see some other person has also entered and left while I was typing this! 
Do I not have the right to restrict who is in my chat?? What, if I may 
ask, gives?????
Thanks in advance for any answers.

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