Trouble with Pidgin

James Fleming jaemz at
Sun Oct 18 18:23:55 EDT 2009

Thanks, I went and upgraded to the latest version, and that fixed it!

David Woolley wrote:
> James Fleming wrote:
>> (09:41:46) *util:* Writing file prefs.xml to directory 
>> C:\Users\Jaemz\AppData\Roaming\.purple
>> (09:41:46) *util:* Writing file 
>> C:\Users\Jaemz\AppData\Roaming\.purple\prefs.xml
>> (09:41:51) *jabber:* Sending: <iq type='get' id='purpleee29376b' 
>> to='jaemz'><vCard xmlns='vcard-temp'/></iq>
>> *(09:41:51) g_log: file win32/libc_interface.c: line 398 
>> (wpurple_write): *should not be reached*
> You have a prima facie case for raising a bug report.  However, you are
> not using the current version, so you should first check whether it has
> been fixed.
> (When a program logs a message like this "should not be reached" one, it
> means that something has happened that is believed to be logically
> impossible.  It may only have got there because of a configuration
> problem, but the code needs fixing so that the resulting error is
> handled properly, even if only to produce a better error message.
> In this case, it is trying to write to a file or network connection that
> has failed to open.  Is the log complete, as I would have thought you
> should have seen something reported about attempting the connection/open.
> Line 398 is not the point at which the error occurs, but the point at
> which it has just done a defensive check and discovered that the file
> descriptor isn't open.)

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