Someone in my chat not my buddy?

Katrina Cooper k.m.cooper at
Sun Oct 18 11:46:18 EDT 2009

Thanks. Sorry about the quote. You're right, that was an error on my 
part, very rude.
No, I am not using AIM. The two people on my buddy list I want to chat 
with are, but they were not logged into the chat nor listed anywhere in 
its configuration when this occurred. I guess the best idea is to just 
plain give up on chatting with them as a family and keep on doing it 
one-on-one but I do find it odd that I would get AIM issues when I am 
not using it, do not have anything to do with it installed on my 
machine, and indeed have never used it. Oh well, too bad about the chat 
idea but so it goes.
Thanks again!

David Woolley wrote:
> Katrina Cooper wrote:
>> I'm still trying to set up a chat with my family. Got the other issue 
>> sorted out without any list responses... guess it must have been a 
> Probably because it appeared to be an AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) 
> issue, not a Pidgin one, and especially at a time when AIM was known 
> to be broken.
>> complicated question! Now every time I open the chat, though, it says 
>> that I entered the room and that Petey Ruga also did so. I do not know 
> This sounds like another AIM issue, not a Pidgin one.
>> anyone by this name but a search seems to indicate this is some sort 
>> of performing artist... anyway, I do not want strangers in my private 
>> three-way discussions with my father and aunt. The person does not 
>> respond to anything I type in so I cannot decide if this is someone 
>> not actually there or someone just not answering me, but I must say 
>> this has undermined my confidence in the privacy of Pidgin. This 
>> person does NOT 
> I think your problem is with AIM, not Pidgin.
>> appear on my buddy list and thus cannot be manually removed. There is 
>> a link to "view web profile" at which link I am requested to log into 
>> some sort of AIM web page, but I have no intention of doing so. Ah, 
>> an dnow I 
> You are using AIM, so it is not unreasonable to expect to have to 
> login to their web site if you are doing more than simply chatting.  
> You would probably find that the official AIM client logs you in 
> behind your back.
>> see some other person has also entered and left while I was typing 
>> this! Do I not have the right to restrict who is in my chat?? What, 
>> if I may ask, gives?????
> Normally bad practice to quote signatures, but you may not be aware 
> this is a mailing list.
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