Remove Buddy problem

SWebster swebster at
Sun Oct 18 15:07:43 EDT 2009

1    I have been trying to remove a buddy but each time I click on 
Remove, I get a message showing I have been disconnected from the 
server. Not sure which server they are talking about because I have a 
stand alone computer.

2.    This is related to why I want to remove a buddy. My brother does 
not use an alias, yet out of the blue I notice his messages are showing 
as coming from his address but with a suffix number attached.  The first 
couple of times this happened, there was a message saying that 
<address at>  was now known as <address81>    He said 
he has never changed his address.  Not knowing this at the time, I added 
this 'new address' to my buddy list and it works. Very odd. I wish to 
remove it and use only his original address which no longer works.



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