Remove Buddy problem

SWebster swebster at
Sun Oct 18 18:53:50 EDT 2009

Many thanks for your speedy reply. I had previously read through the 
relevant FAQ and saw mention about the debug log and how to set it up. I 
wrote you first because I was wondering whether someone could hack into 
a transmission and spy on typed conversations.

I am using Pidgin 2.5.6,  Windows XP Home on a home phone line with a 
DSL modem and cabled router with firewall. For IM I connect through MSN 
in order to converse with a relative who has a MSN address but can also 
converse through my Yahoo address with Yahoo addresses. I have only 2 
buddies, both of whom are family. Totally 'vanilla' in that we use only 
text, no file transfers or plugins on my end.


David Woolley wrote:
> SWebster wrote:
>> 1    I have been trying to remove a buddy but each time I click on 
>> Remove, I get a message showing I have been disconnected from the 
>> server. Not sure which server they are talking about because I have a 
>> stand alone computer.
> Yahoo's instant messaging server.
> You are going to need to provide the debug log output (copied as 
> text), as well as the version of Pidgin and of your OS.  You will 
> probably also need to say how this not so standalone machine is 
> connected to the internet.

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