Single-Instance with Remote Logout?

Bruce McLendon bmclendon at
Tue Oct 27 15:49:05 EDT 2009

Hi Team, 

AOL and MSN, I believe, have a mechanism such that if your IM client is active at the office, and you go home and start up your IM client again, you receive a message stating that your other instance will be logged out. I have searched for an answer to this: 

...among other locations, and this does not seem to be possible; either as a configuration item or a command-line switch. While it is certainly useful to have BOTH instances (home and office) active, some folks feel that's a security matter. Being forced to logout of your office IM client session when starting up an IM session at home would be ideal! Is this "in the works"? Or, have I missed something about how to configure this behavior? Obviously, it would be nice to have a choice, in this matter... :-) 

Thank you for your time on my query! 

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