Single-Instance with Remote Logout?

Stu Tomlinson nosnilmot at
Tue Oct 27 23:57:15 EDT 2009

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 19:49, Bruce McLendon <bmclendon at> wrote:
> AOL and MSN, I believe, have a mechanism such that if your IM client is
> active at the office, and you go home and start up your IM client again, you
> receive a message stating that your other instance will be logged out.   I
> have searched for an answer to this:

neither of these are in any way related to your request.

> ...among other locations, and this does not seem to be possible; either as a
> configuration item or a command-line switch.  While it is certainly useful
> to have BOTH instances (home and office) active, some folks feel that's a
> security matter.  Being forced to logout of your office IM client session
> when starting up an IM session at home would be ideal!  Is this "in the
> works"?  Or, have I missed something about how to configure this behavior?
> Obviously, it would be nice to have a choice, in this matter...  :-)

On MSN, pidgin (or any libpurple client), will kick any other
connection you have offline when you connect. Multiple simultaneous
logins is not supported by libpurple/pidgin yet.

On AIM/ICQ you just need to set your account preference to disallow
simultaneous connections (Accounts -> aim account -> Edit Account ->
Advanced -> turn on or off "Allow multiple simultaneous logins")



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