issue with replying to a AOL Bot

Lillian Cuthbert lcuthbert at
Thu Oct 29 15:51:36 EDT 2009

I have a AOL Bot, built in java, on top of net.kano.joscar's OSCAR implementation.

It sends messages and it listens for IM messages sent by others.

There are no issues with it sending messages to users on pidgin.

Receiving messages is another story.
When somebody types a reply to a bot-initiated conversation, or when somebody initiates a conversation to the bot AOL account,  the result is the same:
The message is not received by the bot, and no error is seen by the sender.

If I open the pidgin debug window while I initiate such a conversation, I see this:

(15:33:06) oscar: Sending IM, charset=0x0000, charsubset=0x0000, length=16
(15:33:06) oscar: Sent message to ballistaalerts1.

And nothing else; I also see nothing incoming on my bot.

Sending the message from the same account (to the same bot acccont) from AOL directly, not via pidgin, works fine - the bot and the human user can communicate without any issue.

So it is definitely something in sending from pidgin that is causing me grief.
I'm guessing my bot is missing something in its configuration that is causing imcoming pidgin messages to be rejected by the server, but I can't figure out what.

Can anyone offer me some advice about where to look?

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