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Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Sep 1 20:36:32 EDT 2009

2009/9/1 Invisible entity <invisible.entity at>:
> Hi, please help me out. I want to know if I want to change my font color and
> size in pidgin, how do I do that? like I want my font to be size 16 or 18
> and i want to have a multi color text like we have in yahoo, combination of
> different colors. Please help me in getting the same on pidgin. Also, please
> guide me as to how shall I join a chatroom?  if the link is:
> how shall I join it? what url should I type and where?


Meebo rooms run on (mostly) standard Jabber conference servers.  The
room name is of course "dhammalmastichatroom"  The server name isn't
really advertised anywhere, but you can see it in a few places in the
Meebo UI if you poke around.  In this case this room is on  You can join the room in Pidgin by signing
into an XMPP account (you can use your Meebo username as the username
and "" as the server), then Buddies->Join a Chat and enter
that room name and server.


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