pidgin 2.6 doesn't allow plaintext authentication with ssl transport

Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Tue Sep 8 12:18:59 EDT 2009

On Sep 8, 2009, at 06:54, Encolpe Degoute wrote:
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> Paul Aurich a écrit :
>> And Encolpe Degoute spoke on 08/31/2009 02:12 PM, saying:
>>> Why pidgin 2.6 force a sasl authentication when the configuration  
>>> ask
>>> for a plaintext authentication.
>>> It works well with tkabber and pidgin <2.6.

> Here comes the logs.
> Thanks to your attention.
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> Encolpe DEGOUTE
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Pidgin always tries SASL authentication if it's offered. There is a  
SASL PLAIN mechanism, though the server is not offering it. Legacy IQ  
Authentication is what Pidgin falls back to after trying SASL, and  
from your log it *looks* like it's succeeding (at least, the server  
returns a positive result). If you specify a resource in the account  
settings, does it work properly?  Could you attach a debug log from  
Pidgin <2.6 connecting?


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