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Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Wed Sep 9 13:35:39 EDT 2009

On Sep 9, 2009, at 02:34, David Balazic wrote:
> Mark Doliner wrote:
>> Just a few tips:
>> * Users do not have to be subscribed to this mailing list in order to
>> post to it.
> The listinfo page (URL in footer) does not say so. I don't think  
> anyone
> would go search your message first and then (not) sunscribe. I believe
> most will go to that page, read how to subscribe and do it. This is
> pretty
> common issue with mail lists. The info whether it accepts posts from
> non-subscribers in not published, at least not in the obvious places.
> So sometimes I post and wait for either a rejection message or that
> my message appears in the archive. As both can take hours if not days,
> I usually subscribe first.

This has been discussed previously, but the support address is listed  
in the Help->About dialog in Pidgin (where I suspect most people get  
to it) and up until the most recent release, the text did not  
explicitly reflect the fact this was a public mailing list address.

I personally do not think most people subscribe to the mailing list to  
post issues; I doubt even most of the people who get to the list via 
  do so (I'm also an embittered pessimist).

In any event, the mere fact that users need not be subscribed to the  
support@ mailing list to post an issue is reason enough, to me, to ask  
people rendering assistance to explicitly list the user in the To or  
CC of their emails.

>> When replying to a user's email please ensure the user's
>> email address is listed in the "To" field.
>> * Replies to this mailing list by default go to the user who sent the
>> email.  We've talked about this behavior in the past and do not plan
>> on changing it.
>> * You're encouraged to use "Reply All" or "Reply List" for the
>> majority of your responses so that future generations of Pidgin users
> Just a note: The vast majority of users have no "Reply List" button
> in their MUA. (at least not in default configuration)

I accept the fact that users seeking support in a back-and-forth will  
not always reply to the list. Surely, though, the small minority of  
people who respond to support inquiries can be expected to maintain a  
CC to the list on emails.

Another reason to explicitly CC the list is that it makes it clear  
that a user's issue has been addressed.


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