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On top of Bill's humor (which I might add, was really good), the answer 
is probably not.  Adium is the native "version" of Pidgin, though it's 
not actually Pidgin, but it uses the same framework.  They would 
probably be more apt to create an iPhone version, though from the last 
conversations I heard, if it does happen, it won't for quite a while.


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>> Can you guys make an iPhone version?
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> The iPhone version requires the Pidgin Galactic Site License.  At 5
> billion dollars this license works out to less than a dollar per user
> given the current population of the planet.  I am sure that as soon as
> you agree to purchase a Galactic Site License the developers will be
> happy to produce in any flavor you like.
> Not really, but I couldn't resist ripping off Matt Wall's old joke
> from a Mulberry price list.
> Bill

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