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Thu Sep 10 20:55:02 EDT 2009

Michael Secord wrote:
> On top of Bill's humor (which I might add, was really good), the answer
> is probably not.  Adium is the native "version" of Pidgin, though it's
> not actually Pidgin, but it uses the same framework.  They would
> probably be more apt to create an iPhone version, though from the last
> conversations I heard, if it does happen, it won't for quite a while.

This isn't really an accurate portrayal of the situation.  Applications
on the iPhone are not particularly like MacOS X applications.  The major
hurdles in implementation involve porting all of libpurple's
dependencies to the iPhone, then libpurple should be able to be
compiled.  After that, an iPhone-friendly user interface would be
needed, which neither Adium X nor Pidgin are.

This also requires either agreement with the terms of the Apple
application development terms and placement in their App catalog or
jailbreaking your phone, which are things we're not at all prepared to


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